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Product details
Folding Learning Working Lamp

Folding Learning Working Lamp




Detailed introduction

Folding learning lamp is also called American folding arm lamp , its lamp head can be adjusted in any direction, suitable for all directions of vision, the bottom uses a comprehensive anti-slip design, to prevent sliding, touch switch, three-stage dimming, USB charging outlet to provide power supply, upgraded version built-in high-capacity lithium battery
Why do you choose American folding lamp?
1, small volume
American folding arm table lamp occupies small space, simple and generous, suitable for use in different places.
2, high efficiency
The luminous efficiency of light-emitting diodes has exceeded 45 lm/W, and because their spectra are almost entirely concentrated in the visible spectrum, they are much more efficient than incandescent bulbs and are catching up with CFLS and fluorescent lamps.
3, high light quality
Because there is no ultraviolet and infrared ray, no heat, no radiation in the spectrum, no burden on people's eyes, no eye pain and swelling after long reading or working.
4. Good color rendering
American folding lamp has a higher color index than fluorescent lamp, usually around 80. This is conducive to reducing the degree of eye fatigue, for the protection of vision is very helpful.
5. Life is a long
American folding arm table lamp has a long life and a half-life of luminous flux exceeding 5000 hours. It is usually used for more than 30 years. Strong anti-seismic, anti-seismic ability, not easy to damage tungsten wire, glass shell and other parts, the possibility of abnormal discarding is very small.

美式折臂台灯  美式折臂台灯


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