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Cooling air conditioning clothing

Cooling air conditioning clothing




Detailed introduction

Air conditioning cooling suit is to install two small fans around the waist of human clothing jacket, put outdoor air into clothing, absorb the heat of human body surface by evaporating sweat, make human body cool, it is a kind of people feel cool and coma. Portable products, refrigeration and air conditioning clothing production using advanced polyester fabrics, the best choice is a unique mini fan, its principle is through the fan, so that sweat immediately evaporate, absorb heat on the human surface, make the human body cool, and allow sports. In order to achieve a cool and comfortable effect. Cooling air conditioning clothing is a new type of high temperature protective clothing. This product not only saves energy, protects the environment, is convenient and comfortable, but also can improve the efficiency of life and work. The human body temperature is adjusted to a comfortable state at 35-50 C.

Features: The fan is easy to disassemble. After disassembly, clothes can be washed and high-speed electric fans. It supports three-speed regulation, long sleeves and short sleeves in air-conditioning clothes. The color is optional. The size is customized and the special safety lithium battery is 10000 mA/h.

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降温空调服 nbsp; 降温空调服




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