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Cast light

Cast light




Detailed introduction


The shell of the projector lamp is stamped with pure aluminium. Its thermal conductivity is five times that of the traditional die-cast aluminium. It meets the need of heat dissipation of the lamp and is also beautiful and light. LED is powered by constant current power supply, which makes the luminaire more stable and longer life. The line has surge protection, over-temperature protection and over-voltage protection.
What else should I pay attention to when using a spotlight?
1. High purity aluminium reflector, the most accurate beam and the best reflection effect.
2. Symmetrical narrow angle, wide angle and asymmetrical light distribution system.
3. Open the back and replace the bulb for easy maintenance.
4. The lamp is equipped with a calibration board for adjusting the irradiation angle. Through the control of the built-in microchip, the LED spotlight can be used in small-scale engineering applications without controllers. It can achieve dynamic effects such as gradient, jump, color flicker, random flicker, gradient, etc. It can also achieve dynamic effects such as chasing and scanning through DMX control. Its main application places are: single building, external lighting of historical buildings, internal and external lighting of buildings, indoor local lighting, green landscape lighting, billboard lighting, medical and cultural lighting, bar, dance hall and other special facilities. Atmospheric lighting in other places of entertainment, etc.


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