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What kind of eye protection lamp can protect eyes, many people choose the wrong ~!

Source: http://www.qdjiashang.com/news/3880.html  Release time: 2018-11-26

Since primary school, students have to do their homework under the lamp for a long time almost every day. For senior students, "reading at night with lights on" is very common. The heavy academic pressure makes parents more and more worried about their children's vision.
According to the latest World Health Organization study, China's youth myopia rate ranks first in the world, which shocked parents and formed a consensus on how to prevent it. Therefore, in addition to urging children to arrange homework and reading time, a good intelligent eye lamp has become the first choice for parents to take care of their children's vision. What kind of eye protection lamp can protect the eyes, many people are wrong, until myopia suddenly understand.
However, the market for a large number of eye protection lamps, coupled with the frequent exposure of false news, scientific choice of eye protection lamps has become a problem faced by parents in this century. Today, Xiaobian will provide advice for parents to help you easily "pick" the lights and make your children comfortable to read at night.



is close to natural light, and the light source can protect the eyes better.
The first ray of sunshine always makes us feel more comfortable, mainly because of the "zigzag" distance of natural light from our eyes, the space and medium in the atmosphere, forming the influence of soft diffuse light, and finally entering our eyes from all sides.
from this point of view, the closer to the morning diffuse natural light source, the softer, more conducive to eye health, is the core standard to measure the quality of light source.
ordinary lighting is usually small, bright or dark, poor uniformity, resulting in dry eyes, fatigue and other adverse symptoms.
Less blue light and more reassuring
When it comes to children's hidden vision, the most important "sense of smell" of parents is the blue light of desk lamps. Blue light is ubiquitous in natural light, LED light source and all kinds of electronic products with LED as light source. This kind of high-energy visible light has strong penetrating power. It can directly penetrate cornea and lens, causing photochemistry damage to retina, accelerating eye fatigue and blurring, or causing macular disease and cataract. It is a child. The invisible killer of sub-vision.
In order to keep children away from myopia, parents must cut off the harm of blue light to the light source. How to avoid blue light when choosing lamp? First of all, if you find that the light of the eye protection lamp is white, giving a pan-blue feeling, indicating that the proportion of blue light is high, don't buy it; second, as far as possible, choose brand eye protection lamp with CQC logo, in order to obtain quality assurance.
life scene is changeable, color temperature changes freely. In addition to light, color and uniformity of light are also very important. According to the relevant standards, the relevant color temperature of reading and writing desk lamps should not exceed 4000K (+15%). Excessive color temperature will affect comfort. If it exceeds 6500K, it may cause visual impairment. But maybe many people don't know that different application scenarios, different people suitable for light intensity and color temperature are different.
Many parents will gradually realize this point, usually buy adjustable color temperature lamp, in order to further protect children's visual health. For example, children's night learning is suitable to use about 3000K color temperature, with less blue light, which can prevent injuring children's tender eyes; while adults are advised to use 4000K natural light when reading, to avoid duplicate glare, improve attention and reduce eye fatigue caused by long reading.
lamps do not flicker, magic detection to prevent myopia
in daily life, many parents found that children use desk lamps occasionally flashing phenomenon, mainly due to alternating AC voltage and lights. It is understood that within 100 flickers per second belongs to low-frequency flicker, if long-term learning under such light, it is very easy to occur myopia.
but the lamp flickers so fast that the human eye can't touch it. How to judge whether the lamp flickers? Small enough to give you a smart move, the head of the mobile phone camera opened, do not press the shutter, the lamp head to observe the stroboscopic screen of the mobile phone. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven

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