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How to choose the eye protection lamp, remember these three points is enough! uuuuuuuuuuuu

Source: http://www.qdjiashang.com/news/3879.html  Release time: 2018-11-25

With the development of science and technology, more and more teenagers have myopia. Eye protection has become a necessary thing. We choose eye protection lamp for ourselves and our family. We must pay attention to some problems so that we can buy better lamp. Take a good look at the following points.

. The bottom technology of eye protection lamp includes smooth surface and grinding. The former is very beautiful, but the eye protection effect is not good, easy to affect the line of sight. The latter is more practical, and the latter is recommended.

2. The lamp holder of eye protection lamp has metal and plastic materials. The metal lamp holder is more beautiful, but its service life is short. Plastic lamp holders are energy-saving, environmentally friendly and durable.

3. Eye protection lamp can be divided into electric heating type, traditional high frequency type, energy saving type and direct current type. Electric type ophthalmic illumination is uneven, easy to produce shadows, filament easy to burn, short service life. The traditional high frequency eye protection lamp has glare problem, uneven lighting and high electromagnetic radiation. Energy-saving eye protection lamp has good energy-saving effect and color rendering, long service life, low price, but the strongest ultraviolet radiation, eye protection effect is not good. DC eye protection lamp has the advantages of no stroboscopic, no radiation and so on. It has remarkable effect in protecting eyesight.


radiation will cause great harm to human body. When choosing objects, we must choose the safety of radiation. Doctor Edward's non-flickering, non-flickering, non-fatigue eyes, elegant, classic. It can make the LED light output evenly and directionally, without glare, stroboscopic, radiation and myopia prevention. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven

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