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Which components make up the panel of the vehicle-mounted LED searchlight?

Source: http://www.qdjiashang.com/news/3878.html  Release time: 2018-10-25


1. Panel lamp aluminium frame:
is the main channel of LED heat dissipation. The appearance is simple and generous. ZY0907 can be used. The IP grade of die-casting aluminium frame can be slightly higher, the surface texture is good and the overall appearance is beautiful, but the cost of early investment mould is higher.
2. LED light source:
LED beads usually use 3528, while other uses 3014 and 5050. 3014 and 5050 have lower cost and slightly lower optical efficiency. The luminous efficiency is high and the versatility is strong.
3. LED light guide plate:
side LED light through point refraction, so that the light evenly output from the front. Light guide plate is the key to the quality control of LED panel lamp. Point design is not good, look at the overall light effect is very poor, usually appear in the middle light on both sides of the dark, or enter the light band, or local dark areas visible, or different angles of brightness are not consistent. In order to improve the light efficiency of the light plate, the design of the point is the main factor, followed by the quality of the plate, but there is no need to superstition the first-line brand plate, the transmission between qualified plates is normal close. Generally speaking, small-scale LED light factory directly purchases ordinary light guide plate to use, does not need to redraw the pattern design, the public version is usually used by more manufacturers are qualified.
4. LED diffuser:
light guide plate output uniformly, can also play the role of a fuzzy network. Generally speaking, diffusion plate is made of acrylic resin 2 or PC material, almost PS material. Acrylate has lower cost, slightly higher transmittance than PC, and weaker brittleness and aging resistance. After the diffusion plate is installed, the invisible grid and the transmittance should be about 90%. The penetration rates of acrylic acid, PC and PS are 92%, 88% and 80%, respectively. You can choose diffuser material according to your needs. Most manufacturers use acrylic materials.
5. Reflector paper
reflects light from the back of the light guide plate to improve light efficiency, usually RW250.
6. Back cover:
main function is to seal the LED panel lamp, usually using 1060 aluminum, but also can play a small role in heat dissipation.
7. Driving power supply:
has two LED driving power supply. One is constant current power supply. The model has high efficiency, PF value as high as 0.95, and cost-effective ratio. Secondly, the constant current regulated power supply has stable performance, low efficiency and high cost. Generally speaking, this kind of power supply is mainly used for export, and the other side needs certification, so the power supply with safety regulations should be used. In fact, it is very safe to use constant-current power supply at home, because it is difficult for users to access the power supply, and the lamp body itself uses a safe low-voltage power supply.
8. Installation pendant:
suspension steel wire and installation bracket for installation of fixed parts. From the point of view of quality control,
is the most effective way to improve the luminous effect by spending extra money on LED light source and LED light guide board. From a marketing point of view, spending extra money on aluminium frame cover panel fittings and other aspects can improve the product level. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven