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Qingdao Jiashan Industry and Trade Analysis of Different Types of LED Lamp Effect Differences

Source: http://www.qdjiashang.com/news/3877.html  Release time: 2018-10-25

Nbsp;       using adapters, lighting is mainly used in large-scale landscape lighting, and light quality requirements are not high occasions, low energy consumption, not suitable for high-use eye environment, because the proportion of blue light components is too strong, eyes are vulnerable. In addition, the small beads are easy to wear and tear, and there is a problem of attenuation rate, which can easily cause the whole lamp to be discarded. Generally, the light area is small and the chromatogram is narrow. It belongs to the monochrome light source, which will have a certain impact on the optic nerve. But LED desk lamp also has its advantages. Comparatively speaking, the cost of electronic components is low, and the price of the whole lamp is low. The color temperature of LED lamps can be divided into three categories: warm white (a little yellow, about 2700-3000k), fair white (5000-7000k), and cold white (8000-12000k).

uses adapter lighting, mainly for large landscape lighting, low energy consumption, low quality requirements, not suitable for high eye environment, because the proportion of blue light is too strong, eyes easily damaged. In addition, the small bulb is easy to lose, there is a decay rate problem, easy to cause the whole bulb scrap. Generally, the illumination area is small and the spectrum is narrow. It belongs to the monochrome light source and has certain influence on the optic nerve. But LED lights also have their advantages. Comparatively speaking, the cost of electronic components is lower, and the price of the whole lamp is lower. There are three types of LED light color temperature: warm white (slightly yellow, about 2700-3000k), right white (5000-7000k) and cold white (8000-12000k).

DC eye protector
        DC ballast is used to convert AC into stable DC, DC is used to light the lamp, so there is no flash. In addition, the light emitted is continuous, even like natural light. It is very soft and can avoid visual fatigue. Because of the DC technology, the AC fluctuation is eliminated and the electromagnetic interference signal produced by the high frequency electronic ballast is avoided. However, the technology of DC fluorescent lamps is difficult and expensive.
contrast effect
        incandescent bulbs emit light with a continuous spectrum, but compared with natural light is yellow, which reduces the black-white contrast of the subject.
          although the light emitted by fluorescent lamp is white, it is directly illuminated by 50 Hz AC, so the brightness will change continuously with the frequency of 100 times per second, which is the stroboscopic phenomenon. The eyes are easy to feel tired during the long time of learning with fluorescent lights flashing continuously. Most eye protectors use electronic rectifiers to increase the frequency from 50 Hz to 30 to 50 kHz. However, the testing results of the National Lamp Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the Photoelectric Research Institute of Fudan University show that the stroboscopic depth fluctuates between 7.27% and 24.03 when the high frequency ballast is used to produce the "eye guard lamp". Compared with incandescent lamp, there is no stroboscopic. Strictly speaking, the stroboscopic depth is less than 5%. That is to say, the general "blindfold" does not meet the requirement of no frequency. Therefore, most so-called "eye protectors" do not have flash, but the scope of the flash is narrowed, the frequency is increased, and the human eye can not distinguish, so it feels the same as without flash. At the same time, the electronic ballast produces electromagnetic interference signal due to high frequency oscillation.
        LED is driven by low voltage DC adapter, without stroboscopic and electromagnetic interference signal, but its blue light component is too strong, which is not good for human eyes.
        therefore, the direct current fluorescent lamp which can solve the stroboscopic problem and has no electromagnetic interference signal has gradually attracted people's attention. Dc fluorescent lamp converts the voltage of municipal power supply into direct current, and input special lamp to avoid stroboscopic and high frequency electromagnetic interference signal. But the technology of direct current fluorescent lamp has not been popularized.
        no matter what lamp, as long as it is not natural light, it has a certain impact on vision, so we should try to use mixed light source. In addition, to protect the eyes, the most important thing is to depend on the use of lights. On the one hand, to ensure that the focus area is bright enough, the lampshade can cover the light source and avoid glare. On the other hand, avoid the lamp holder too close to the observation area (book/table), which leads to too much light. Eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand one hundred and eleven

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